06/23  AK016  AK04 Magazine  & Mixtape
06/01  AK015  Echuta – Even if Long-Winded Waits – cassette
05/31  AK014  hazy – 4 Letter Word – cassette
03/29  AK012  Puzzlehead – Sadeh/Artless EP – cassette
03/29  AK011  Whitney Houston, vol. 2
01/18  AK010  JSN – Mirror of Your Life LP – cassette

09/17  AK009  AK03 Magazine & Mixtape
06/17  AK008  Late Spring –
Trembly Fog EP – cassette
03/17  AK007  AK02 Magazine & Mixtape
01/17  AK006  multiple authors – Whitney Houston, et al: essays around popular music

12/16 AK005  Echuta – Morning Figure When Absolutely Calm LP – cassette
09/16  AK004  Chrsitophe Clébard – Suce Moi LP – cassette
09/16  AK003  AK01 Magazine & Mixtape
08/16  AK002  hazy – x.o. Virgo Ox – LP book/cassette
05/16  AK001  Late Spring – Invisible LP – 12″/cassette


agony klub is a
music & printed matter label based in Vancouver, BC
making the #popularesoteric


Agony Club is an underground casino from the last Philip Marlowe detective novel by Raymond Chandler, started in 1958.  Left unfinished at the time of his death, it was completed by Robert B. Parker in 1988.  The ‘K’ is a reference to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whose films embody the idea of the popular esoteric, which frequently feature some kind of staged performance.  A.K. is also the documentary by Chris Marker on Akira Kurosawa, made in 1985.
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