My Name is Del – Back 2 Luckenbach


AK022 – My Name is Del – Back 2 Luckenbach
Del Hillier’s cowboy boots skip, hop, and slide on a journey to Luckenbach.  Incorporating thrifted country ballads into his interpretation of sampling, slide guitar, and Western mythologies, Back to Luckenbach is art-country at is very finest.

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AK06 Magazine+ Mixtape

magazine + cassette ~ $15
Featuring new printed works by: Myles Black, Barry Doupé, Justin Gradin & Doug Wideen, Pia Massie, Trevor McEachran, Andrea Nunes, Colin Osler, Isabelle Pauwels, Jacquelyn Zong-li Ross, and Karen Zolo

With music by: Tommy Tone, Pukesword, Christophe Clébard, Sylvia Wrath, hazy, Alieen Bryant, and Organs Without Bodies.

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AK020 – HOUSE WINDLocusts Make Honey: Melodies for Prepared Guitar

A 16-track suite of altered, prepared, and shifted guitar tones evoking ‘familiar strangeness’, magic, and the ungovernable.  Mirroring the aleatory spectrum of sounds heard in nature, these melodies also affect a temporal and cultural shift, suggesting kinship with older music traditions, particularly non-Western ones, like Gamelan and Japanese shamisen and koto.  Locusts Make Honey pulses, buzzes, and enlightens.

Limited cassette run of 70 out June 1st.  Come catch a live performance and pick up a copy at the Toast Collective Sat June 1st.

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AK019: Kamikaze Nurse – Bucky Fleur

Kamikaze Nurse’s 10-song debut, Bucky Fleur, is an epic win from start to finish.  Swirling, sparkling, and swerving guitars, a virtuosic rhythm section, and poetically sensorial vocals all add up to a whole that can only be described as indescribable.  Just when you’ve tamed the vibe, it shifts into a brand new way.  With reference points of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and the Pixies, they aim high, and have created a rock masterpiece.

A limited cassette run of 50 will be available Sunday June 9th, at Music Waste, and here~!

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AK017: Maskara – A Visitor

Nic Hughes’ prolific output continues with AK017, A Visitor.  Maskara’s dagger sharp vocals castigates and scolds lovingly through the chaos of his controlled and elegant arrangements in this 9-track odyssey.  Despite the sonic punishment, there are riffs, arcing towards transgression.


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