Agony Klub and Publication Studio Vancouver are pleased to present Whitney Houston, et al.: essays around popular music. Inspired by Bret Easton Ellis’s chapter on Whitney Houston in his controversial novel, American Psycho (Vintage, 1991), editor/author Casey Wei invites five writers to explore their own relationships to popular music, resulting in essays on Marianne Faithfull, M.I.A., Kanye West, The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Wiz Khalifa, My Bloody Valentine, Patti Smith, and more. The authors use personal experience to delve deep into the ambivalence of fandom, mythology, appropriation, and appreciation.

Multiple Authors (ed. Casey Wei) – Whitney Houston, et al.
paperback, 70 pgs – $15
ISBN: 978-1-927385-46-3

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Echuta’s debut album, Morning Figure When Absolutely Calm, is an intricately crafted, literary-surrealist journey into the mind of vocalist-guitarist, Andy Resto.  Joined by Ace Martens on drums, the 10 songs gently lead the listener through intimate and off-kilter dreamscapes.  It is lushly atmospheric and lyrically dense, encouraging repeated listenings to delve deeper into the dream world.

Echuta – Morning Figure When Absolutely Calm
cassette – $7
*includes insert art & download code

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who will bond me to a lord?
which parts shall i restrain?
when i find the sweetest sore,
is where to bury your name.

what of desire, thick and deep
wraps around the space
pouring out the inbetween,
two faces around the vase.

my love for you is mirror-
a strange and sickly sound.
time spread brings truth nearer,
all same into the ground.