My Name is Del – Back 2 Luckenbach


AK022 – My Name is Del – Back 2 Luckenbach
Del Hillier’s cowboy boots skip, hop, and slide on a journey to Luckenbach.  Incorporating thrifted country ballads into his interpretation of sampling, slide guitar, and Western mythologies, Back to Luckenbach is art-country at is very finest.

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AK06 Magazine+ Mixtape

magazine + cassette ~ $15
Featuring new printed works by: Myles Black, Barry Doupé, Justin Gradin & Doug Wideen, Pia Massie, Trevor McEachran, Andrea Nunes, Colin Osler, Isabelle Pauwels, Jacquelyn Zong-li Ross, and Karen Zolo

With music by: Tommy Tone, Pukesword, Christophe Clébard, Sylvia Wrath, hazy, Alieen Bryant, and Organs Without Bodies.

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AK020 – HOUSE WINDLocusts Make Honey: Melodies for Prepared Guitar

A 16-track suite of altered, prepared, and shifted guitar tones evoking ‘familiar strangeness’, magic, and the ungovernable.  Mirroring the aleatory spectrum of sounds heard in nature, these melodies also affect a temporal and cultural shift, suggesting kinship with older music traditions, particularly non-Western ones, like Gamelan and Japanese shamisen and koto.  Locusts Make Honey pulses, buzzes, and enlightens.

Limited cassette run of 70 out June 1st.  Come catch a live performance and pick up a copy at the Toast Collective Sat June 1st.

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AK019: Kamikaze Nurse – Bucky Fleur

Kamikaze Nurse’s 10-song debut, Bucky Fleur, is an epic win from start to finish.  Swirling, sparkling, and swerving guitars, a virtuosic rhythm section, and poetically sensorial vocals all add up to a whole that can only be described as indescribable.  Just when you’ve tamed the vibe, it shifts into a brand new way.  With reference points of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and the Pixies, they aim high, and have created a rock masterpiece.

A limited cassette run of 50 will be available Sunday June 9th, at Music Waste, and here~!

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AK017: Maskara – A Visitor

Nic Hughes’ prolific output continues with AK017, A Visitor.  Maskara’s dagger sharp vocals castigates and scolds lovingly through the chaos of his controlled and elegant arrangements in this 9-track odyssey.  Despite the sonic punishment, there are riffs, arcing towards transgression.


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AK014 is Echuta‘s sophomore release on agonyklub, Even If Long-Winded Waits.  In 7 songs, Andy Resto and Ace Martens develop a novelistic song-arc that rises and falls with the titular song as thematic centrepiece.  Reminiscent of Beckett’s Molloy, Resto’s unearthly human register contemplates the absurdity of existence.  This stream of consciousness is carried over chugging, dissonantly melodic guitar-scapes and atmospheric percussion that leads one into the dark and wild forest of the psyche.

$6 – cassette tape with insert

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AK015 is hazy’s 4 Letter Word, the 2nd release by Vancouver’s own blanket of space-time.  4 Letter Word was recorded over a sleepless winter, riding the ghostly waves of the early AM in a Chinatown basement.  Her voice is mouthfeel in your ear, the guitars are shards of a thunderstorm.  The resulting album is a bit of a mystery, wrangled into whatever 4 letter word you need it to be.

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Agony Klub and Publication Studio Vancouver are pleased to present Whitney Houston, vol. 2. A continuation of Whitney Houston, et. al., editor/author Casey Wei invites six writers to reflect on their relationship to popular music in film, keeping in mind that popular music has always been as much about the desire for an image as about the catchiness of a song. The resulting essays on Elliot Smith, Amélie, Real Genius, The Pixies, Drive, and The Conversation explore themes of time, love, and evolution.

Multiple Authors (ed. Casey Wei) – Whitney Houston, vol. 2
paperback, 73 pgs – $15
ISBN: 978-1-927385-54-8

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PUZZLEHEAD – Sadeh/Artless

AK012 is here:
Puzzlehead, O! Puzzlehead
Puzzleheart, wandering pieces of
Folly, O Fate, O Free, Will
You come meet


The jester reigns supreme in Sadeh/Artless, the scorching six-track album by the one and only Puzzlehead.  Sadeh is Persian for naive, innocent, and unadorned — in other words, unaffected, plain, and artless.  What is there when nothing is there? Wonky and tight, jagged and greasy, dissonant and enchanted: Puzzlehead leaves the stars twinkling.